Magnapower is one of Europe’s leading companies that design and manufacturer Overband Magnet separators.
Magnapower has been at the forefront of magnetic separation technology for nearly 20 years manufacturing units to specifically suit the application. The uniquely designed Magnapower deep field magnet systems penetrate through the product burden and to remove the maximum amount of ferrous metal. A high performance magnet designed to suit your application will allow for a higher throughput of material separated efficiently.

Comprehensive Range

overband magnet on mobile plant


Magnapower offer a complete range of overband designs that include standard ‘tri-polar’ iron circuit designs which minimises stray magnetic flux in the framework and pulleys of the overband. This reduces maintenance and prolongs the life of the machine. Magnapower also offer oil cooled electro magnets and a NEW range of light weight high powered magnet designs which are particularly suitable for mobile plant.



Magnet Systems

All magnet systems are designed to give maximum separation performance and can be designed to suit a specific application.

Permanent Magnets:

Standard Strength Ferrite Magnets: suitable for separating general tramp iron and contamination such as nuts, bolts, nails, steel cans, wire etc. Magnapower can also offer a rare earth overband magnet if the application demands the additional extraction force.

Electro Magnets:

Magnapower’s high intensity deep field electro magnet systems are typically used in applications where the working height of the magnet is required to be in excess of 450mm or when there is a requirement for the magnet to be switched off. Please contact us for a more detailed specification of this high performance separator.


Full width folded guards to meet stringent safety standards and also help to prevent ferrous metal from being trapped between belt and magnet/pulleys.


A hydraulic or electric geared motor unit is fitted to the shaft of drive pulley through a flexible coupling. This prolongs the life of the gearbox, bearings and drive pulley shaft.


A vulcanised belt is usually fitted with either hot bonded / vulcanised or moulded cleats to prolong the life of the belt. It helps prevent ferrous material from reaching between the magnet and the belt and assists with tracking.

Belt Changing

Simple framework allows for new endless belts to be fitted without dismantling the complete separator.


Material on the conveyor passes underneath the overband magnet. Ferrous metal is attracted to its surface allowing the ‘cleaned’ product to continue along the conveyor as normal. The overband magnet has a continuously moving belt which wipes its surface clean of the ferrous metal attracted to it. The ferrous metal then discharges away form the overband as shown above.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Incinerator Bottom Ash recovery
  • Glass cullet recycling
  • Kerbside collection separation
  • Fridge Recycling Plant metal recovery
  • Wood waste processing
  • Mobile screens and shredders
  • Fragmentiser metal recovery
  • MSW metal recovery
  • Aluminium extrusion recycling
  • Tyre Wire Separation

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